We like catchy songs with a bunch of harmonies and punk beats.

L to R : Taka Onoue (Bass), Tomorrow Nakamura (Drums)
Satoru Marco (Guitar)

2010/06 埼玉県東部にて結成
2010/07 初ライブ
2011/10 V.A. "Pop Punk Mania Japan"参加 (K.O.G.A. Records)
2013/10 1st Album "Teenage Loser"発売 (Waterslide Records)
2014/05 Steve Adamyk Band (Canada)ジャパンツアーに同行
2015/09 8日間のアメリカツアー決行
2015/09 2nd Album "Back To Front"発売 (Waterslide Records / Rumble Records (Spain))
2016/02 Psychotic Youth (Sweden)ジャパンツアーに同行
2016/08 Skimmer (UK)とのスプリットCD発売 (Fixing A Hole Records)

We started the band in June 2010. All of us lived in the neighborhood of East Saitama located 25 miles away from Tokyo. For the first couple of years we made two demos and recorded one song for a compilation called Pop Punk Mania Japan, which was released in 2011.
The debut album "Teenage Loser" was released in October 2013 by Waterslide Records. Waterslide and us made it with great respect for an American indipendent record label Mutant Pop Records. It spread the band's name worldwide.
In May 2014, we went on tour with Steve Adamyk Band from Canada and supported 3 shows during their Japan tour. Also started preparing songs for the next album.
In September 2015, we went to America for 8 day tour with The Maxies, The Girls! (5 days in California) and The Putz (3 days in the Midwest). 2nd album "Back To Front" was released while we were touring in the US. It was by Waterslide Records in collaboration with a long established Spanish label Rumble Records.
In February 2016, one of legendary Swedish punk bands Psychotic Youth came for their first Japan tour and we supported 3 shows. The split CD with our favorite English punk band Skimmer was released in August 2016.